Sprites OMORI Sprite runOMORI Sprite 2
age 5-21
Skills Observe
Sad Poem
relations HERO friend
KEL friend
AUBREY friend
BASIL friend?

"what if my imaginary friends are the ones that are real? what if i’m the one who’s imaginary?" —OMORIBOY, 31 Dec 2011

OMORI is the titular character and silent main protagonist in the game. He rarely shows any emotion, even with his friends. He enjoys using his laptop to watch his favorite video and play with his friends. Even though he doesn't talk much, his friends enjoy his company and follow him around.

OMORI's role in battle is similar to a DPS role in RPGs. When he is set as leader, he has the ability to cut obstacles and objects with his knife.


Described as a "depressed otaku", OMORI lives in a small room with a single lightbulb, no walls and a cat, referred to as WHITE SPACE. He is anti-social and self-conscious, though he seems to recall a time when Hei was not.

After he finds his knife, he exits through the white door and enters a colorful world with his colorful friends.


OMORI is positioned in the bottom-left corner of the screen during battle. He is able to view enemy information by observing them. He uses his knife swing wildly at enemies. Even though there is the option to notice his friends, he doesn't seem to do it. He will get hit by the ball if KEL passes it to him.


In the "Dream World", OMORI wears a black tank top, long black socks, and wears black-striped shorts. He is the only one to be colored black and white in contrast with the colorful dream world.

In the "real world" he wears a white-collared shirt with a blue tank-top sweater over it. He wears beige shorts, white socks, and black shoes. Nothing about his physical appearance changes.


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