OMORI is the main character in the game OMORI. Described as a "depressed otaku", he lives in a small room with a single lightbulb, no walls and a cat, referred to as WHITE SPACE. He is anti-social and self-conscious, though he seems to recall a time when he was not.


Omori was created as a boy on a blog by OMOCAT called omori ひきこもり, which lasted from 11 Dec 2011 to 14 Mar 2012. He introduces himself as Omori, who likes to fap and play old games. He wears a black tanktop, striped shorts, and long black socks. Most of the blog posts are rather depressing or they contemplate about life. Common items shown in the blog are a black lightbulb, his cat, his laptop, his Game Boy, a tissue box, his blanket, and a knife. His laptop usually has a porn site shown on it. The blog appears to end when Omori cannot access his laptop anymore.

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