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"Anything fun is just a distraction from how much the world actually sucks."

OMORI is an upcoming surreal psychological horror role-playing game developed independently by OMOCAT and her in the RPGMaker engine. The game was successfully funded on June 5th, 2014 via Kickstarter. The game will be released on PC, MAC, and the 3DS. On the PC, it can either be played with the keyboard or a Super NES controller. The game is based around several previous works by OMOCAT, including OMORI'S STORY, OMORI's SKETCHBOOK, and an unfinished graphic novel.

Updates for the game will be posted to the OMORI GAME official website or you can follow the OMORI GAME Twitter.


OMORI features many traditional RPG elements but contains a very unique battle system. The game is heavily inspired by the Mother series, specifically EarthBound and Mother 3. It has been noted that it could also be inspired by Yume Nikki, another independent horror RPGMaker game. The art direction combines pixel art with hand drawn art, as many of the elements in the game such as enemies, character, and cut scenes are all drawn by hand. The player controls a party of four characters who travel through the game's colorful two dimensional world with no overworld map.


The battle system layout. KEL attacks and passes to AUBREY.

The battle system in OMORI is described as "a traditional turn-based battle system with untraditional statuses and states based off real human emotions and conditions". When physical contact occurs between a character and an enemy, the screen switches to battle mode. Battles are fought against ENEMIES with various strength and heart, where the main protagonists can earn experience and level up. This increases the character's attributes such as strength, defense, and heart. At the bottom of the screen during battle, a heart rate meter is always shown, the default being NEUTRAL. During a character's turn, you can see their specific heart meter as well as their level, heart, and juice.

In battle, the player is allowed to choose specific skills and actions for their characters. Characters can also use special skills that require "juice". Once each character is assigned a command, the characters and enemies perform their actions dependent on their speed. After a character's turn, there is another system that initiates called Active Chain Skill. After every basic attack, the character can then select a second action within a small time-frame, such as calling in one of their other party members for a second attack. Not all of the Active Chain Skills are useful though... some kids just don’t get along. Successive blows to an enemy reduces the amount of heart. Once an enemy's heart reach zero, they are defeated. If all characters lose their all their heart and are toast, the game ends.

Various items are spread out throughout the world for you to collect. Occasionally you need to break open objects to obtain items such as watermelons. There are many buildings, rooms, and NPCs to explore. You are able to fully heal and save your game at picnic blankets throughout the world.



OMORI - 2017

The game focuses on OMORI, who is described as a depressed otaku.

"Welcome to WHITE SPACE. Your name is OMORI and you've been living here for as long as you can remember. Everything is bright white; there aren't any walls. A black lightbulb hangs from the ceiling… wherever it is. There's a floor but it's always cold. The warmest thing here is probably your laptop. You don't mind though. You have a blanket, a laptop, a cat, a sketchbook, and a tissue box. You have everything you need.

You are usually upset. Everyone annoys you, you think you are ugly, you don't know where you came from, you don't know where you are going, and you're too tired to care.

On good days, your neighbors invite you over for a visit. "How can they have fun with someone as horrible as me?" You miss them now. When will they come again? Maybe today will be a good day!

Or maybe today is a day for sleeping.

But...Sometimes you're reminded you used to have another friend-- someone really important.

Somewhere in the back of your head, you have an inkling feeling that you weren't always like this. You weren't always living in WHITE SPACE.

The truth is...

Your story is already over. You just have to remember it."



OMORI character sprite concept sheet.

The announcement of the game happened on July 31, 2013 from OMOCAT, where she announced the discontinuation of the OMORI manga and the starting development of the OMORI game. Her post contained running animated sprites of the four main protagonists.

After the launch on Kickstarter on April 21, 2014, the very first look into OMORI was at the GR2 Gallery in Los Angeles on May 3, 2014 presented by their Game Night. People were able to demo the very first prototype of the game.

The game was successfully funded on June 5th, 2014 via Kickstarter. It was funded just a little over 30 hours of launch and raised significantly more money than its $22,000 goal, finishing with over $200,000 donated. Kickstarter prizes included copies of the game, pins, T-shirts, sweaters, exclusive cassettes and soundtracks, signed posters, and access to the OMORI launch party.

A demo of the game was available to play during Anime Expo 2014 at the OMOCAT booth, where she announced production of the game on the Crunchyroll stage. Hand-drawn originals of OMORI were on display during a Pop-Up shop at Japan LA on March 28, 2015 to April 26th, 2015.

The production has been hit with many obstacles, one being the entire migration from one engine version to another, as well as revising art direction entirely from scratch. Some more team members were added to help out with production. Backers have received many updates of the game's progression.

OMOCAT hosted another Pop-Up shop event in Los Angeles on October 7-8, 2017, where people could demo the latest version of the game. The event handed out exclusive OMORI pins and allowed 15 minutes of gameplay demo per person or 30 minutes of play if you were a Kickstarter backer. Also presented were more hand-drawn original concept art. The event was well attended and even included a musical performance from one of the game's musicians, SLIME GIRLS.



OMORI as seen on the first post of the OMORI ひきこもり blog. "im omori and i fap and play old games"

OMORI was created as a boy on a blog by OMOCAT called omori ひきこもり, which lasted from 11 Dec 2011 to 14 Mar 2012. He introduces himself as OMORI, who likes to fap and play old games. He wears a black tanktop, striped shorts, and long black socks. The blog features OMORI with simple phrases in the WHITE SPACE which are rather depressing or they contemplate about life. Common items shown in the blog are a black lightbulb, his cat, his laptop, his Game Boy, a tissue box, his blanket, and a knife. It contains some dark images and an insight into his character and depression. In a few of the scenes, he nearly kills himself.His laptop usually has a porn site shown on it. The blog appears to end when OMORI cannot access his laptop anymore.


A short story about OMORI and his colorful neighbors.


OMORI's creations.


A discontinued graphic novel to make way for the OMORI game.


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