Originally Omori was not intended to be a game at all and was merely one webcomic and a blog about Omori. OMOCAT first started in where she started a blog featuring Omori with simple phrases in the white space, with his computer and cat as usual. It contains some dark images and an insight into his character and depression as in a few of the scenes he nearly kills himself.

"what would happen if i died today?

how long would it take for someone to notice?

would anyone even go to my funeral?

probably not

but that’s my fault too i guess" - Omori

Omori claims to know about living inside a blog and will break the fourth wall from time to time to interact with either OMOCAT or the reader.

"The great thing about living on a blog is that i don’t have to pay rent" -

"Omoriomori is short for hikikomori (ひきこもり)

the first three letters also correspond with those of my creator

she must think she’s so clever" - Omori, Referring to OMOCAT

After the blog stopped in March, 2012 a short webcomic was released later in August, 2013 once more featuring Omori however he leaves the White Space and goes to play with friends, only to realize he hasn't left the White Space and his friends were imaginary.


"im omori and i fap and play old games" - Omori

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