The soundtrack of Omori is produced by the OMORI Sound Team and covers quite a few genres including many random snippets of sounds in their songs. The official description for the Sound Team is "☀Pedro Silva (Slime Girls) and Jami Carignan (Clover & Sealife) are making noises into microphones and playing with toy keyboards for a lovely game by OMOCAT (OMOCAT) and it is called OMORI." So far the Soundtrack can be found on the OMORI Sound Team SoundCloud and consists of these songs:

  • Duet (Trailer Version)
  • A Not-So-Empty House
  • The Great After-Dinner Frontier
  • Everything's Gonna Be A-Okay!
  • Bargain Bin Boys
  • Good Morning
  • Take A Load Off
  • Puddles
  • Mind Over Dark Matter
  • Lost at a Sleepover
  • Vast Forest

Another song that could possibly be in the soundtrack is My Time by Bo En which was featured in one of the first Omori trailers.


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